Tree thinning for the Eastside including Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Bothell and Woodinville, WA

Tree Thinning Service

tree thinningJD Tree Service offers expert, professional tree thinning and tree trimming for commercial and residential properties.

Our tree thinning service decreases wind resistance in storms, allows more sunlight to reach the landscape below, and helps open up views on your property.

Tree thinning is accomplished by crown cleaning, crown elevation and selective pruning.

tree removal Crown cleaning, or crown reduction is done on mature trees to remove small diameter branches from the outer canopy of the tree allowing the sunlight and wind to penetrate holes in the canopy.

This type of tree trimming removes diseased, decayed, rubbing and cracked branches on the tree. Crown reduction increases safety by removing weakened branches that could fall, it reduces entrance points for insects and disease, and it increases the overall aesthetics of the trees in your landscape.

Crown elevation helps naturally raise the limbs of a tree that have dropped down too close to structures, or the ground. This is accomplished by removing smaller diameter branches from the branch tips in order to allow the limb to naturally lift up. This usually allows the branch to give the height needed clearance below without damaging the tree.

tree pruning and thinningSelective structural pruning is done on younger trees, trimming the tree to it's natural shape resulting in a more structurally sound tree. This type of pruning on a younger tree can mean the difference between whether it survives wind storms as it matures, or fails due to unrestrained growth.

When we visit your property we will recommend steps that can be taken to increase the safety, value, aesthetics and the overall health of all the trees and plants on your property.

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