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Examples of Bad Tree Pruning

tree pruningCaution- this is not how a tree should be pruned. We did not perform any of the work illustrated in these photos. They are on our site purely for the purpose to educate you on what to avoid when it comes to tree pruning.

These examples demonstrate why it is important to only choose professionals to prune your valuable trees.

This complete and egregious removal of a trees canopy is extremely harmful to a tree! Trees use their leaf or needle mass to feed themselves through photosynthesis. Their canopy is a vital part of their anatomy. There is a good chance this kind of "pruning" will kill your tree. If it doesn't kill your tree it will weaken your tree and most likely shorten its lifespan and make it susceptible to disease or infestation.

tree pruning Trees cannot compartmentalize such huge wounds so they slowly decompose and leave entrances for pathogens into the tree. The tree also responds with an emergency growth response of weak vigorous growth that grows much faster than the tree was growing originally thus canceling any benefit one hoped to achieve by butchering the tree like this.

Tree services do this because it is easy to do fast and they can do it for a cheap price or they have no tree biology knowledge. Either way, it's not correct "pruning" and we would never do this to a tree.

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